In this section we will show you the wide range of intended of deals for leisure and tourism for our customers. We have sports, tourism, nature, history, beach ... You can decide whether to go for a sighting of dolphins or whales, as you can join a horse trail, hiking, water sports, golf or arranged in any fields. We also have a rental bike service. You to decide how, when and where to go ...

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Leisure - Castellar


Approximate distance: 112 km

Castellar de la Frontera (Cadiz)

Horseback riding, hiking, 4x4 Guided by the environment of the Natural Park of the Acorns, cycling routes and historical and archaeological visits

Leisure - Waterman


Approximate distance: 2 km

C/ Pleamar, 2 - Conil - Cádiz

Learn to SURF, beginners and progresses in the sport of fashion, SUP and kitesurfing progresses hand personal trainers. Learn to identify the waves, currents, safety ...

Leisure - Bugabuggy


Approximate distance: 5 km

C/ Villa Romana - Puerto Real - Cádiz

Renting baby stroller, child's chair, car seat for baby or child, and other childcare products is what gives you Bugabuggy Rentals in top condition.

Leisure - Novojet


Approximate distance: 5 km

Puerto Deportivo - Sancti Petri, Chiclana (Cádiz)

Windsurfing, Dinghy Sailing, Sailing Cruises, Paddle Surf, Windreamer, Surf, Kitesurf, Catamaran Cruises Sailing, Kayaking, Banana, Pedal, Paddle Surf, Wake ...

Leisure - Turmares


Approximate distance: 82 km

Tarifa, Cádiz

Its main activity was the original maritime tourism, in particular, the activity of whale watching in the area of the Strait of Gibraltar.

Leisure - RENT A BIKE


Leisure - Golf


Leisure - Royal Center


Approximate distance: 3 km

Novo Sancti Petri, Chiclana Costa (Cádiz)

Hiking along the beach, through the pine forests. Training at different levels and modalities and ponies for riding with children.

Leisure - Firmm


Approximate distance: 82 km

Pedro Cortés 4, E-11380 Tarifa, Cádiz

Whale and dolphin watching. The firmm Swiss foundation dedicated to the research and protection of dolphins and whales in the Strait of Gibraltar.