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Recently, in Al Sur Tourist Apartments, we have joined the Bikefriendly philosophy to ensure customers lovers of two wheels perfect stay. All accommodations have a standardized services that respond optimally to the specific needs of cyclists, including bike routes to make the most of the environment in which they are the hotels.

Bikefriendly philosophy

Banner BikefriendlyBeing Bikefriendly goes beyond the merely material such as bicycle interest. Our heart beats within a pinion, and with each beat show our commitment to the environment, our concern for health, for personal and social well-being, we focus on the economic and energy savings, we strive to give life to that inner child and live life at a time and not minutes ...

Being Bikefriendly is cycling and enjoy the scenery with every pedal stroke, meet friends / partner / family and fill life color leaving behind the gray routine is to get challenges and work to overcome them is to reach the top learning to trust ourselves, it is to support who need it because that heroes are forged ...

Being Bikefriendly is pedaling life, fall and rise, discover new ways, find a balance that always allows us to move forward ...


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